Prohibition Bronze

It's the Prohibition Era. Frivolity is shunned and hysteria reigns. A famous conductor has a fatal heart attack. The cause? Jazz music. And some time in the 30s, a new acoustic guitar string is developed. Something loud and clear in an otherwise hushed time. Prohibition Bronze. Spread the news—they're back.
  • 11-15-24-32-42-52

    The lightest gauge in the collection, Prohibition Bronze 11-52 guarantees shimmering tone and maximum comfort for players of every level.

  • 12-16-25-34-44-54

    Striking the balance between performance comfort and full-bodied resonance, Prohibition Bronze 12-54 faithfully captures your guitar’s acoustic tone.

  • 13-17-26-36-46-56

    Offering thick tone while still guaranteeing clarity, Prohibition Bronze 13-56 are perfect for those who prefer a higher string tension.

A Legendary Partnership

New York. 1938. John D’Angelico was already a living legend, renowned for his signature archtop guitars, while John D’Addario was a young kid trying to expand the family string business. Their chance meeting would result in the invention of the world’s first modern round wound electric guitar string, the zinc-plated Bethanized™ Steel. Its sound was unrivaled in fullness, volume, and balanced brightness. Its tone would be featured on some of the greatest records of all time. But the closing of the Bethlehem Steel plant in the ‘60s put an abrupt end to its production, leaving its sound unmatched for over half a century. Today, their legendary invention returns in the form of Electrozinc.

Electrozinc Strings

Combining modern innovation with John D’Addario’s original designs, D’Angelico’s Electrozinc strings are the truest tribute to Bethanized™ Steel since the original. Designed to produce exceptional fullness and volume, Electrozinc strings provide modern players timeless vintage tone, and D’Addario’s EXP technology coats every string to maintain that sound even longer. It’s another legendary string, inspired by the one that started it all.
  • 09-11-16-24-32-42

    Our lightest string, Electrozinc 9’s deliver maximum comfort and playability with zero sacrifice in tone.

  • 10-13-17-26-36-46

    Our most popular gauge, Electrozinc 10’s strike the ideal balance of comfort, tension and tone.

  • 11-14-18-28-38-49

    Electrozinc 11’s offer thick tone and higher tension. Ideal for the player looking to dig into a bigger sound.

  • 10-14-23w-30-39-47

    With a wound G-string, Electrozinc Jazz 10’s are designed for exceptional jazz tone and stability, while still prioritizing comfort.

  • 12-16-24w-32-42-52

    Electrozinc Jazz 12’s bring the thickness. With a 52 for a low-E, jazzers can chunk along with bold tension and tone.

  • 13-17-26w-36-46-56

    Designed for maximum tension and tone, Electrozinc Jazz 13’s are ideal for players who like serious resistance.

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